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How to compile Firmware / Bootloaders for BlueberryE Uno335

The BlueberryE Uno335 Firmware & Bootloaders

This post is about compiling firmware and bootloaders for the Uno335 a specialized variant of the wellknown Arduino/Genuino Uno board. The most significant changes are an onboard 512kbit serial SRAM and levelshifters to 5V to 3.3V for SPI and I2C, but this is not what this post is about.

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A Wifi switchable socket/plug

Eine über Wifi  schaltbare Steckdose

wäre für viele Gelegenheiten eine super interessante Sache (z. B. Kaffeemaschine aus dem Bett anschalten, den Kindern remote den Fernseher abschalten, ich denke jeder der hier landet hat schon eine Idee was er gerne machen würde. Hier wollen wir beschreiben wie man selbst mit eigenen Mitteln eine Wifi Steckdose völlig sicher selbst realisieren kann.

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Connect to activestatistics.io

our friends at activestatistics.io are working on an online platform targeted towards the Internet of Things (IoT). It spans from a simple datalogger to a sophisticated online data monitoring and analysis system. It is built as client/server system where the server is centrally provided by them and the client can be as small as our Uno8266 uploading data using the MQTT protocol.

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