We currently work on the products and hope some of them might be still available for Chrismas. We also work on our webshop which is due for a launch in November.

The list of products planned is as follows

  • Uno335 our Arduino Uno clone with a few adaptions, merely adding optional 3.3V interfaces for I2C and SPI as well as putting a serial SRAM (kbit) on board. Click here for a few more details.
  • Uno8266 our Wifi shield. Initially we planned it based on ESP8266 with a few addons like SD card interface and a RTC see here. Actually we think about additional enhancements that will be for free for our initail Kickstarter backers.

  • UnoEVS the environmental sensor board. It consists out of varios environmental sensors, temperature, humidity, ambient light, UV etc.. Optionally you can add a EE893 CO2 sensor (optical measurement - very precise) and the board has four connectors (2x I2C, analog, digital) to enable integration into the Grove ecosystem from SeeedStudio. The board is designed in a way that it can be used as a shield on top of Uno335 or Uno8266

  • Next is the UnoSWU, this time not a PCB but a potentially smart powerplug. Why potentially? It needs a brain (aka computer) and by itself brings a relay to switch grid voltage on/off and it can supply its brain with 800mA@5V based on two connectors a felame USB type A and a Seeedstudio Grove one.

  • A breakout board for the Bosch BME280 Pressure/Humididty/Temperature Sensor with a Grove connector.
  • A breakout board for the E+E Elektronik CO2 sensor.